Can You Sell on Instagram in UK? – Influencer Marketing Guide

Instagram is a great social media platform used by millions of users around the globe. People love using Instagram to share their photos and videos with their audience. Instagram is not only used for sharing photos but is also helpful in building brand images. You can advertise your business to a wider audience using Instagram as a product and service-sharing space. But how can you sell on Instagram? Here are the top 10 tips that you can consider for selling faster in the UK.

Can You Sell Things on Instagram in UK?

When talking about one of the best eCommerce destinations, Instagram is a top choice for people. It also features a Shopping Checkout option that makes the selling process easier. You can turn your feed into an eCommerce outlet and boost your sales. Different ways that you can use for selling are:

  • You can tag your products in the shoppable Instagram feed for users to make direct in-app purchases. 
  • You can also use Instagram stories to sell your products and services by adding their links. 
  • Instagram Ads are also a great way to sell things in UK on Instagram. They allow you to reach your target audience and promote your products and services.
  • You can also collaborate with influencers famous on Instagram to market your products and run your business.

What to Consider For Selling on Instagram?

Selling your product or service on Instagram comes with multiple pros and cons including:

  • The pros include a bigger audience reach, easy connection with potential buyers, better audience engagement, and raising brand awareness.
  • The cons include compliance with strict Instagram commerce policies, acceptance into the Instagram social media platform, specified locations, and high follower count.

Top 10 Tips to Sell on UK Instagram

Other than sharing photos there are various other activities that you can do on Instagram; one of which includes selling your business products and services. People are taking advantage of this huge digital marketing platform to reach a wider audience and get more customers. Here are some tips that you must follow when selling products on Instagram for the best results: Can you sell on Instagaram Uk? Following steps are for the startup.

Create a Business Account

To promote your business on Instagram you need to create a business profile. This will help the potential customers to recognize your brand image which will be effective for building trust relationships with your customers. Moreover business Instagram account will also provide you access to the analytics related to your audience, built-in CTA buttons, auto posting features, in-depth insights into Instagram, shopping features, and multiple scheduling tools for better planning.

Profile Optimization 

Profile optimization is also an integral part of promoting your business on Instagram. As soon as your potential customers will click on your profile they will be able to see information related to your product or service. Profile optimization helps in better brand imaging, gives your business a name, and lets the customers build trust in your business. 

Offer Promotions 

Instagram followers are always happy to see coupons or discount codes on different products and services. These promotions are a reward for customers for their loyalty to your brand. Moreover, these offers also help in attracting more people to your business.

Consider Shoppable Feed

Shoppable feed is a great feature on Instagram for best-selling your products to a wider audience reach. One thing to keep in mind is to have an updated Instagram business profile so that your audience is aware of the latest products and services you are offering.

Repost Customer Reviews 

The best thing you can do for better promotion of your business on Instagram is to repost customer reviews you have on your profile. As a result, new potential buyers will see these reviews and will be able to trust your brand easily. Also, you can share customer testimonials on your Instagram feed for buyers to view.

Maintain Quality 

Always keep in mind not to compromise on the quality of your products or services when it comes to selling on Instagram. For this reason upload high-quality photos, videos, and reels of your product to get maximum viewer satisfaction and the best response. You can also hire a professional photographer to take good photos of your products.

Add Hashtags

Hashtags are very important when it comes to selling business products on Instagram in UK. The better the use of hashtags the best are the user engagement results. Make sure to choose your post hashtags carefully to drive maximum traffic towards your post. Moreover, this will also help in better audience interaction and will keep you updated on what the competitors are following.

Use Captions

Using attractive Instagram captions is a great way of engaging your audience with your post. This helps in better promotion of your product or service. You should mention the benefits of your product or service in the caption to compel the audience to make a purchase. You should also tell them about why they should buy it from you instead of any other service provider. Make sure that your captions are catchy and engaging for maximum user engagement and the best promotion result.


Last but not least a compelling call to action will help in better selling of your business on Instagram UK. You should tell your audience to visit your official website or reach out to your helpline numbers for more details about the product or service. You can also add links to other products being offered by your business to promote your product catalog on a larger scale. Or ask your customers to drop down any queries they have in mind and get answers from your professional customer care service providers.

Conclusion:: Can You Sell on Instagram in UK?

These are some of the best tips that you can consider when selling on Instagram UK. Make sure to go through this article in detail to understand the entire process. Also, try following all the tips for maximum audience engagement and the best business promotion results on Instagram. In case you need any help drop down your questions below and we would love to answer..

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