Money Back:

If you’re thinking about a refund, just reach out to our friendly customer service team at [email protected]. They’ll walk you through the whole process.

Important Rules:

Here’s the scoop: our refund policy doesn’t cover things you got for free from us. We’re all about keeping you happy, but we’ve got some rules to stick by too.

Once Delivered:

Once we’ve given you what you ordered, the refund option closes up shop. But, if you notice your followers dropping later on, you can ask us to add more to make up for it.

30 Days Time:

You’ve got a 30-day window to ask for more followers after placing your order. After that, we can’t swing it. Oh, and we can only help out with the Instagram account you were using when you made the order. If you change your username, sorry to say, you won’t get a refund or extra followers unless you switch it back.

Instagram’s Rules:

Just a heads up, you’ve got to play nice with Instagram’s rules. No posting stuff that gets on their bad side. Remember, you have to follow the rules of Instagram. Don’t post things that break their rules.


While you’re using our services, don’t go shopping for followers from other places. Also, no trying to pull a fast one by getting friends or giveaway folks to follow you. If you’re gunning for more followers in the timeframe we agreed upon, stick with us. We’re keeping track of how many followers you had when you started, and we can only add as many as you began with.

Delays in Delivery:

Sometimes, our services might take a tad longer to work than what we said on our website. No sweat, it happens. If things are seriously running behind, just give our support team a holler. But remember, late delivery doesn’t mean you get your money back.

Losing Followers:

There’s a deal where you can get more followers within 30 days, but if your follower count dips below where you started, no dice on the refund.


If what you got isn’t cutting it, chat it up with our support team. Just remember, we’re not on the hook for what goes down after you’ve used our services. The risk is on your shoulders.